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    The Neurotrac Labour TENS machine is a proven performer, made in the UK to a quality that ensures reliable, effective TENS technology.
    This machine was designed with labour in mind and has a separate hand held grip button for you to deliver the TENS exactly when you need it!

    7 weeks hire of Neurotrac TENs* – latest digital TENs technology
    Fast postage when you are 36 weeks or more.
    Freepost return mailing sack included with the hire (Many other hire companies do not offer free returns!)
    Brand new batteries & resuable electrode pads with every hire (no need for wasteful test pads)
    Designed for Labour: Burst mode for throughout labour and continuous Boost mode for coping with contractions using seperate handheld boost button (read more in description

    Your Peace of Mind:  We have a thorough cleaning process of the units and wires between every hire, using high alcohol disinfectant wipes to BS EN 1276.  In addition for your reassurance, with postage and reprocessing time, there is always a time lag of well in excess of 72 hours between hires.

    Optional Extras

    Only necessary if planning prolonged use e.g. back pain in late pregnancy. One set of pads included with the hire is enough for labour itself

    To give you extra peace of mind, we will send your machine 2 weeks earlier at 34 weeks instead of 36 weeks.

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    Your Package Includes:

    • Dual channel Neurotrac labour TENS unit with digital display
    • Separately Held - Booster button - Unique to the TENS Machine
    • Belt clip - you only hold the boost button
    • 2 lead wires
    • 4 large 100mm x 50mm electrode pads. Brand new & sealed. The best size for labour. Re-usable, fine to test machine & use in labour, no practice pads needed.
    • 9V battery (brand new & sealed, 1 battery should last 10-12 hours)
    • Full Instructions
    • Free standard delivery
    • Free return postage (Freepost Mailing sack included, many hire services do not offer this)
    • Faster & Guaranteed postage options


    Many women have benefitted from using TENS as a drug free way to reduce pain during labour. The simple to use NeuroTrac Labour TENS machine provides the latest, most effective TENS technology.With the 7 week hire period we will despatch your TENS at 36 weeks and you can return it 3 weeks after your due date allowing plenty of time to familiarise yourself with it. Included in the price is Free postage and Free return postage.

    The NeuroTrac Labour TENs is simple to use. Once set up with the 4 electrode pads in place on the lower back, clip the machine to a belt and hold the boost button. Then simply press the hand held Boost button at the start of a contraction, and again at the end of the contraction to return the TENs machine to “rest” mode


    Despatch will be at the start of your 36th week of pregnancy. If you are already at or past 36weeks, we will despatch the same or next working day. You can choose to upgrade to Guaranteed Next Day Special Delivery service on the Basket checkout page. See Delivery page for more details of Next Day Special Delivery service.   If ordering other products with your tens hire, those items will be sent on the next despatch, and your tens hire will follow at the start of your 36th week.NB: By hiring the TENS machine you are hereby agreeing to the Terms and Conditions: Hire available for UK only.

    Tens Hire. Terms and Conditons. Click Here

    TENS Hire.
    Terms and Conditions.

    Return address for used Hire machines:
    Birth-ease Ltd, 37 Branksome Hill Road, Bournemouth BH4 9LE.

    1. The Labour TENS should only be used in accordance with the instructions provided and only by the Customer named on the submitted form.

    2. The effectiveness of the TENS machine in your labour is not guaranteed.

    3. The Labour TENS must NOT be used by anyone fitted with a cardiac pacemaker, who has a heart disease or suffers from epilepsy. If in doubt please consult a medical advisor prior to use.

    4. The Labour TENS must not be used until the pregnancy has reached 37 weeks gestation.

    5. Failure to return the Birth-ease Ltd by the 'Due back date' may result in the Customer being charged £5 for every week over and above the hire period until the TENS unit is returned. If the unit is not returned for any reason the customer will be charged for that unit (see 7).

    6. When returning the TENS unit the Customer must retain the certificate of postage for 3 months. In the event that the TENS is not received back at Birth-ease Ltd premises, the certificate of postage must be produced. Failure to do so renders the customer liable for the full retail value of the TENS unit.

    7. In the event of damage to, or loss of the TENS unit by the customer, the full retail value less the hire charge is payable to Birth-ease Ltd by the customer. Elle Tens £30 to pay. Neurotrac Tens £30 to pay.  ElleTENs2 £50 to pay.

    8. Non-use of the hired TENS machine is entirely at the discretion of the customer and no refund will apply once the machine has been dispatched.

    9. TENS machines are fully tested prior to dispatch. However, the liability of the TENS unit shall not exceed the hire charge.

    10. The customer should check the contents of the hire pack upon receipt and familiarise herself with the TENS machine and the instructions. The customer must advise Birth-ease Ltd of any problems whatsoever immediately. Birth-ease Ltd accepts no responsibility where the customer fails to do so and renders it impossible for Birth-ease Ltd to take any corrective action.


    • Do not use before 37 weeks of pregnancy
    • TENS must not be used by patient using a demand type pacemaker.
    • Pregnant women and patients who have any heart disease or epilepsy should seek medical advice before using TENS.
    • Never use TENS to mask undiagnosed pain as this could require urgent treatment.
    • TENS should NOT be used when driving or operating dangerous machinery

    TENS Machines. FAQ. Click Here

    TENS - Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

    1. Drug free pain relief in labour – what is it?
    2. What does it feel like?
    3. Are there any side effects?
    4. When should I stop using or remove the machine?
    5. When should I hire the TENS machine?
    6. What if I go over my due date?
    7. Can I use the TENS machine for backache?
    8. Where do I position the pads on my back?
    9. Can I test the machine before labour?

    1.Drug free pain relief in labour – what is it?

    The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machine uses a small battery operated unit to provide a non-invasive and drug free method of helping to control labour pain. At the onset of labour, simply apply the four pads to your back as shown in the accompanying instructions and switch the TENS machine on. You will feel a pleasant pulsing sensation. This will help to raise the level of your own pain relieving chemicals known as endorphins. When experiencing a contraction, press the booster button for the extra surge of power needed to combat the pain. When the contraction ends, press the booster button again - it is that simple! The Labour TENS can be an effective technique for pain relief in over 80% of births with no side effects.
    Evidence shows that to achieve the best results the TENS should be used from the onset of labour. In order to build up endorphins (the body’s natural pain relievers) the TENS needs to be in place for at least 40 minutes before the full effectiveness can be felt.

    2. What does it feel like?

    Most people describe the sensation of the TENS machine as tingling or pins and needles.

    3. Are there any side effects?

    It is not thought that using TENS in labour has any adverse effects on either you or your baby. You are free to move around while using it and you can use it in conjunction with gas and air. However you must remember it cannot be used if you want to try a birthing pool for pain relief and you can’t use it if you have a cardiac pacemaker.

    4. When should I stop using or remove the machine?

    When you remove the machine is completely up to you. It can be used in conjunction with gas and air to provide effective pain relief, and can be used for the duration of your labour. Often the effectiveness of the TENS machine is only realised once it has been removed.

    5. When should I hire the TENS machine?

    It is a good idea to book your TENS machine in early pregnancy (about 25-30 weeks) to avoid disappointment. It will then be dispatched in time for your 37th week. Do not worry if you have not ordered a TENS machine and you are nearing your due date just select "Express Delivery" and we will dispatch the machine on a Next "working" Day service

    6. What if I go over my due date?

    Do not worry as no extra charges will be incurred. When you hire the TENS you will be given a return date of 3 weeks after your due date. This should give enough time if your baby is overdue. If you do require more time please just let us know.

    7. Can I use the TENS machine for backache?

    You can use the TENS machine for back ache once you have reached 37 weeks in your pregnancy. Before this time you must check with your midwife. Replacement electrode pads can be purchased for £4.99 should you require them

    8. Where do I position the pads on my back?

    Try to get help when positioning the pads. The electrode placement pads need to be positioned 4/5cm above and below an imaginary line drawn with the navel. 2/3cm on either side of the spine.

    9. Can I test the machine before labour?

    Yes definitely, we would recommend you familiarise yourself with the machine and how to use it. Do not worry about the adhesiveness of the pads as they can re-used several times (ensure no oils or creams are present on the skin). Instructions on how to test the machine are included. Once you have tested the machine remove all the wires and don’t forget to place the protective covers back on electrodes to prevent them from drying out. Pack the machine away carefully and wait for the big day.

    Please note that we are only able to hire these units within the UK.

    Additional information

    Weight 0.3 kg
    Dimensions 18 × 16 × 5 cm

    24 reviews for Neurotrac TENS Machine Hire

    1. Anonymous (verified owner)

      easy service, hassle free

    2. Julia Harker

      Brilliant, efficient and easy to return service and machine was a life saver. Thank you!

    3. Katie

      Such a quick and easy service to use and the use of the TENS machine in labour really helped me, i would highly recommend. Thank you.

    4. Amanda (verified owner)

      Would highly recommend using birth-ease. Every step from ordering, use and return was very easy. Will use again in the future if needed.

    5. Lyndzey (verified owner)

      Amazing service, tens arrived as requested 4 weeks before my due date. It was a life saver during the labour and I only needed two hours on gas and air before little one arrived. Highly recommend hiring from birthease who provided all the packaging to return which made life much easier with a newborn.

    6. Bex (verified owner)

      Easy to use and effective pain relief for me. I kept it on throughout the whole labour. Having access to the trigger button helped me feel more in control. Very easy to use service for returning machine.

    7. Katie L. (verified owner)

      Fantastic service. Excellent value for money and easy to return.

    8. Vero (verified owner)

      I’m so glad I had it, contractions got worse by the day and it was such a relief being able to adjust the impulses oneself, also kept it on throughout birth – very convenient having 2 batteries within the package too. Simple to use, after attaching the pads on my back I stored the device and its button in my bra to carry it with me and have the button ready to use when I felt a contraction coming.

    9. Jo (verified owner)

      Worked a treat, highly recommended.
      Also, amazing service from Birth-Ease, very friendly throughout the whole process.

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