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  • Natural Birth & Fitness Ball & Pump

    (9 customer reviews)


    • Superior Quality Anti Burst Birthing Ball . Heavy weight PVC. Stronger, firmer and safer than standard gym balls.
    • 8 page Instruction booklet showing a full set of prenatal exercises, post natal exercises, optimal foetal positioning, pelvic floor, labour support and natural birth positions.
    • Pregnancy/Baby Friendly: certified NO phthalates . NO Latex. Non slip material for stability.
    • Also included new, improved blaster hand pump and measuring tape for easy inflation.
    • FREE P&P* with every nbf ball purchase
    • 55cm listing for under 5’2 (155cm) ; 65cm ball for heights of 5’2 to 5’8 (155 to 173cm);  75cm for 5’8 and over (173cm+)
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    We are pleased to offer the nbf birth ball – your new best friend! Contents: Anti-burst nbf birthing ball Hand pump Measuring tape 8 page Photographic Instruction Guide PLUS: FREE P&P* with every nbf ball purchase Superior Anti-Burst Technology The anti-burst construction ensures that should this ball be punctured whilst in use, it will deflate gradually, preventing you and your baby from injury. Premium Birthing Ball Quality The nbf birth ball is thicker, stronger & safer than most standard gym balls. It has a max weight load of 300kg and is independently tested to be anti-burst to 120kg. Considerably thicker than many balls with the 75cm balls weighing 1.5kg and 65cm weighing 1.3kg. It is pregnancy/baby friendly being certified 6 phthalates free. 100% PVC, Latex Free. Available in natural pearlescent pale gold, pink or silver Photographic Instruction Guide The comprehensive instructions cover:

    • Use in Pregnancy for sitting comfortably, optimal foetal positioning and pelvic floor.
    • Full set of Pre-natal Exercises to stay fit in pregnancy and prepare for labour.
    • Using the ball in Labour for a Natural Birth – coping with contractions, relaxation, progressing labour and using the ball to support mobile, active birth positions.
    • Full set of Post-natal Exercises – starting off gently and building up to more advanced gym ball exercises, to help you get back into shape.

    Choose the correct size for you: A birthing ball needs to be bigger and firmer than a standard gym ball that you would use just to exercise with. When sitting on the ball, with your feet flat on the floor, your hips should be raised approx 10cm above your knees. This raised sitting position brings the weight of the baby forward, giving relief from back pain and general discomfort felt in pregnancy. This position also keeps the pelvis open and pressure off your lower back during labour and contractions. Select the correct size ball for your height: 55cm: Under 5’2 (Under 155cm) 65cm: 5’2 to 5’8 (155 to 173cm) 75cm: 5’8 and over (173cm & over)

    Additional information

    Weight N/A
    Dimensions 26 × 24 × 10 cm

    55cm – for heights up to 5'2 (155cm), 65cm – for heights 5'2 to 5'8 (155cm to 173cm), 75cm – for heights over 5'8 (173cm+)


    Mint, Lilac, Pale Gold, Pink, Silver

    9 reviews for Natural Birth & Fitness Ball & Pump

    1. Bethan Morgan (verified owner)

      Excellent ball to do exercise very pleased

    2. Gary (verified owner)


    3. Qurratul A. (verified owner)

      That was exactly needed help me out.

    4. Kalise (verified owner)

      Great ball. I’ve had it up for a couple of months now and it’s still inflated. Was a bit of an effort to pump up as the pump provided started to get stuck at the end when the ball was nearly the right size. I had my husband do it as being 23 weeks pregnant at the time I just didn’t have the energy, it’s not easy let me tell you. But once up it’s been so helpful with back pain, would recommend to any pregnant lady out there to get it in your second trimester so you avoid back pain it really does help.

    5. alice (verified owner)

      Still using mine now even though I’m not pregnant. Super fast delivery, as described. Worth paying ‘extra’ for a good quality ball this this one that I got amazing use out of

    6. Miranda (verified owner)

      Really nice high quality ball

    7. REBEKAH SHELL (verified owner)

      Just as listed, good quality!

    8. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Great product. Arrived punctually.

    9. Jessica (verified owner)

      I love my birthing ball. It arrived promptly and was easy to pump up. Been super useful especially for the third trimester.

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