Birth-ease Birth Ball - Technical Information

Burst Resistant Material

The Birth-ease birth ball has been tested to the highest standards by the manufacturers. It not only exceeds rigorous strength tests but is also manufactured with consideration to the chemicals contained witinin the plastics; a factor to be considered in pregnancy:

The ball is made from a homogeneous, PVC-based material which provides the anti-burst characteristics and has the benefit of being extremely non-slip on solid floors.

The Birth Ball is certified with the CE-mark from the European institute for analysis and research registered in Brussels, as per testing below*.

The ball is tested to a maximum load of 300Kg (or just over 47 stone).

It should be noted that the balls do not contain formaldehyde; test results were well below tolerated and recommended range.


The Anti-Burst Ball has Passed The Following Tests:

DIN EN 71, T1/7.90 Long-term use test, under constant and dynamic pressure
DIN EN 71, T2/1.94 Inflammability test
DIN 53160 Saliva and perspiration genuineness
DIN EN, part 3 Migration test of heavy metals
DIN 38409H3 Global migration with double distilled water
CE Mark
UNI-EN 71 Part 1, 2 and 3 of 12/1988
(chemical and mechanical analysis, safety check).
*CE-marked for medical products tested against the EC-Certificate following paragraphs II, V, VI and VII of EC-Instructions for medical devices 93/42/EWG. (Follwed the testing programme for Sitting - and Gymnastic balls)
Internal air investigation for plasticisers, fluid-organic compounds and vinyl chlorideFire performance of PVC sitting balls Waste management of PVC sitting-balls.