Yoga Mindfulness for Pregnancy DVD

Yoga Mindfulness for Pregnancy
2 DVD Set

Yoga Mindfulness for Pregnancy DVD

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This pregnancy yoga programme is the first of its kind and offers over 230 minutes of practices designed to support and transition women throughout their pregnancy, birth experience and prepares the pregnant woman for motherhood itself.Suitable for beginners and all levels

Endorsed by midwifes, Drs, doulas and birth professionals, this DVD represents the gold standard of pregnancy yoga and birth prep teaching today.

Nadia Raafat's Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth programme is easy to follow and accessible for any mother- to- be:
Expertly brings together three ancient traditions; yoga, meditation and birth dance and delivers them in a flowing package that makes them simple and accessible to all pregnant women of our modern times.

An introduction and five unique Mindfulness practices, covering the span of pregnancy from 14 weeks to the birth itself.

Each pregnancy yoga class contains a 30 minute mindful pregnancy yoga flow sequence and a 15 minute mindfulness meditation.

This Mindful aspect of the class enables the pregnant woman to discover the awareness that emerges when she pays deliberate and open-hearted attention to each moment-by-moment unfolding of her external and internal environment, preparing the psychology of the mother for birth and motherhood.

By class 5 she is both physically and psychologically ready to enter the birth experience and meet her child.

The DVD culminates with a wonderful and celebratory birth dance in class 5 - the joyful expression of free-flow in the body and mind. Becoming Mother encourages you to tap into the infinite source of what feels natural and real, let go of technique, and meet the experience as it arises with an open heart and mind.

This active and insightful approach to pregnancy yoga has also been proved to alleviate and often eliminate many common pregnancy related ailments, builds strength and confidence in the pregnant woman as well as highly reducing any likelihood of post natal depression.

Suitable for beginners and all levels

2 DVD Set
Running Time: 230 minutes.
Format: Region 2, UK, Europe.

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