Aromatherapy Labour Massage Oil.  Birth-ease: products to ease Pregnancy & Labour

Aromatherapy Labour Massage Oil 

Aromatherapy Labour Massage Oil.  Birth-ease: products to ease Pregnancy & Labour

A quality aromatherapy massage oil blended to help you through your labour. To be used from when contractions first start, whilst at home and in hospital. Massage stimulates the body to release endorphins; which are natural pain-killing and mood-lifting substances.

Blended with three essential oils:
Clary Sage helps ease stress and tension, lifting your spirits.
Lavender is emotionally calming, sedating and relaxing in labour.
Jasmine is known for being a potent anti-depressant and relaxant.

This 25ml Massage Oil comes with a guide which fully explains some very simple labour massage techniques that even the most novice birth companion can put into practice. The oil can be applied to back, shoulders, legs, feet or hands.

Blended exclusively for Birth-ease by an expert aromatherapy oils company. The essentials oils are blended in a base of Sweet Almond oil and therefore should not be used if you have a nut allergy.

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Customer Feedback: Rosemary from Peterborough

"I ordered your labour massage oil to help my daughter in childbirth, and it seemed to do the trick. She delivered a baby girl 14days ago and in all her labour I massaged her back and legs with the oils and she found it very helpful. Needing only Gas and Air for the delivery, I'm sure it helped a lot. The nurses commented on the lovely Aroma. Thank you."

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