Aromatherapy for Labour Kit

Aromatherapy for Labour Kit

Aromatherapy for Labour Kit

Aromatherapy is proven to be beneficial in Labour. Our kit contains the two most popular pure essential oils for labour: Lavender & Clary Sage, plus an Atomiser for a cooling facial spritz and an Instruction Guide explaining the various ways you can use aromatherapy in labour.

Lavender is a special essential oil when it comes to labour. Lavender is emotionally calming, sedating and relaxing and these qualities help reduce the anxiety and tension that arise in labour.

Clary Sage can help ease stress and tension. It can strengthen contractions and make them more efficient. It is anti-spasmodic oil so can relieve cramp.

The Instruction Guide that comes with the Aromatherapy for Labour Kit explains exactly how to:

  • keep you cool & calm with a refreshing spritz in the Birth-ease Atomiser. The atomiser is supplied empty and the instructions explain how to make a facial spritz using water and the essential oils. Store in the fridge for extra coolness.
  • ease your contractions and labour pain, as well as healing after the birth with a scented aromatic bath
  • relieve your stress by inhaling the aromas with a taper or steam inhalation
  • create a calm and relaxing ambience by scenting your room
  • cool down during contractions with a compress
  • help healing with a lavender perineal wash after the birth

Aromatherapy for Labour Kit contains Lavender Essential Oil (5ml), Clary Sage Essential Oil (5ml) Birth-ease Atomiser (50ml empty) and Instruction Guide

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